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A must have on-line education package that will teach you how to become an expert at media interviews, how to gain free positive media publicity and how to protect your business from a media crisis.


Do you crave free media publicity? Learn how to identify a story idea about your business, and then promote that idea to the media for publicity. Tips and strategies from this media training audiobook.


Have you ever watched a corporate host self-destruct in front of your very eyes? No preparation, dressed poorly, apologetic at the start, no connection with the audience? DO NOT LET THIS BE YOU.


  • Public Relations Help has been designed by Mark Aiston. Mark has been involved with the Australian media for over 30 years.


  • Public Relations Help is a cost effective and time saving way to learn how to promote your company and manage any media situation.


  • Online media training, E-books and Audiobooks available so you understand how the media operates in order to utilize the media to YOUR advantage.

Public Relations Help : Affordable PR Services & Resources

Public Relations Help is an international resource website that offers a wide range of products and services. Public Relations help offers products and services designed to help you gain a better understanding of the media and to teach you how to utilise the media to YOUR advantage. This is done through downloadable e-books, audiobooks and a complete online media training package. As an established media trainer in Adelaide, founder Mark Aiston also provides private one on one consultations by special arrangement.

Remember: When you are in front of the media it is your chance to promote your business, your product your brand your sponsor and yourself. If you work WITH the media rather than AGAINST the media you have a far better chance of gaining FREE POSITIVE PUBLICITY through the media for your business. With the guidance of a professional public relations consultant from Public Relations Help, you can make this happen.


Make sure that when you send your media release to a media newsroom, you follow up with a telephone call to the Chief of Staff.

Make sure that you are prepared before being interviewed by the media.

If the media ring your business or company looking for information about a story they are following, make sure you ring them back.

If you build relationships with the media, you can gain free media publicity.

An exclusive is a story that a reporter has to themselves. Reporters live for the exclusive.


Michelle Stanton
CEO Zonehigh
Was most impressed with the training session this morning with Mark and Ron. They were exceptional and I gained a lot of insights about how to promote my business and answer questions effectively.
Henri Nguyen
Business Development Manager Statewide Superannuation
I thought the session was fantastic – one of the best information workshops I have been to in a long time. It was extremely informative and highly relevant with information that could be applied immediately.

Nail your next media interviewIn 3 steps

Public Relations Help's key goal is for all of its clients to speak in front of the media in a credible and professional manner.


Prepare a message

Public Relations help will teach you how to properly construct your message.

Deliver a message

You will then step up and deliver your message in front of camera, in the glare of television lights.

Time for a critique

Your interview is recorded and then played back for critiquing.