Do you know what to do during a public relations disaster? Are your staff trained to deal with a media crisis? Do you know how to set up a media conference and conduct a media interview? Has your media spokesperson had media training? If they haven't do you understand what needs to be done to ensure they are media savvy? Are you aware of how the media operates and how you can work WITH rather than AGAINST the media? If you answered No to any of these questions, you need a media policy for your business. Remember: Make sure you are prepared when the media comes knocking.

How to write a media policy will guide you through step by step the process of not just writing but implementing a media policy for your company or business.

Topics covered

  • How to choose a media spokesperson
  • How to write media release
  • How to set up a media unit
  • The importance of media training
  • How to prepare a media conference
  • How to identify your best media spokesperson within the company
  • What to do when the media make contact

A business that has a media policy in place will be in a far better position to handle a crisis or any media situation for that matter. And any business that handles a crisis professionally and without panic, will gain the respect of media organizations. And that can prove extremely advantageous.