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A caller is rude to me during my radio interview?

Being interviewed on radio particularly if you are invited into the studio can be an extremely rewarding and exhilarating experience.

If the radio show is light and the host isn’t known for asking the hard questions, then it’s a great opportunity for you to promote your business your product as you wish.

On this particular occasion, the host invites callers to ring in and ask you questions.

It is best to remain calm and to simply say to the caller that you are disappointed that they feel that way, but you understand and respect their opinion.

What this does it will ensure that other listeners to the show see that you are professional and not  a bully.

It wouldn’t matter what product or service you were promoting, if you became aggressive with the audience people will take an instant dislike to you.

Media training also teaches you to talk to the host of the radio show, explaining you stance or business.  What this does it means you will almost certainly have an alley during your radio interview.

If the show host is taking sides, and you are polite to them then you will more than likely be rewarded with support.











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