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What is a media policy and why have one?

During most media training sessions the issue of a media policy will arise.

A media policy is a document that lays out the procedures and measures that must be adhered to, by everyone in your company or business when dealing with the media in any situation at all. A media policy covers a wide range of topics. It will help you set up your media unit. It will set out the guidelines for choosing the person who runs that media unit, commonly known as a media gatekeeper.

Here’s a media training example.
Lets say the media want to talk to your CEO. Who DO they ring?, Do they ring him or her directly? Or is there someone within your company that is the contact? What happens after the media have made contact and put in the interview request? Is your CEO given a briefing before their interview? Is the CEO the right person for the media to be talking to? Should someone else in your company handle the issue? Who organizes the media conference? There are certain things that must be done to ensure that your media conference is run properly and professionally.

Your media policy will map out those steps in detail.

When you send out a media release it must be done so that it gains maximum results. So who writes it? Who checks it?  Who do you send it to? Are you aware of the steps that must be followed to maximise your chances of getting publicity as a result of sending out your media release?
All of that detail will be found in your media policy.

A company without a media policy can survive, many do, however a company that has a media policy in place, which is detailed and covers all bases, will give itself a far better chance of not only gaining positive media coverage, but gain the respect of the media as well.

Now you may say well that’s not important. But believe me, if you gain the respect of the media it will almost certainly help you in some way down the track.

Mark Aiston

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