Business Media Training Workshops

Mediainsider offers “One on One” and “Group” media training in Adelaide (and other locations by special arrangement). which are conducted by media specialists, still working within the industry. The aim is to improve overall performance in front of the media. The sessions offer media training tips and strategies from expert media training consultants that take the participants out of their comfort zone.

On camera interviews focusing on issues specific to YOUR business, are recorded and played back for critiquing. The sessions can be intense, and intimidating, as the participants perform in front of their peers. These specially tailored sessions cover radio television print and on-line media. Understanding how the media works and operates, will help you utilise the media to YOUR advantage, and that can mean gaining free positive publicity for you and your business, and that can be a huge advantage over competitors.

Remember: When you are in front of the media, it is your chance to promote your business, your brand, your products, your sponsors and yourself. Good luck.

Ask yourself these key questions:
  • Is your spokesperson media savvy?
  • Can they do tough media interview?
  • Will they get THEIR message across?
  • Can they craft grabs and sound bites?
  • Can they control their nerves?
  • Do they look and sound credible?

What will you learn during a media training session?
  • How to handle a call from the media
  • How to craft your message
  • How to deliver your message
  • How to condense your message
  • How to stay on message
  • How to stay in control under pressure
  • How to dress for your interview

What are the benefits?
  • Promote yourself and your company
  • Handle a crisis more competently
  • Gain more respect from the media
  • Understand how the media operates
  • Gain confidence and self belief
  • Instil confidence in your staff
  • Teach your staff what you have been taught

Who should attend?
  • Business owners
  • Company CEOs
  • Company spokespersons
  • General managers
  • Communication managers
  • Athletes
  • Entertainers
  • Corporate hosts
  • Authors
  • Board members
  • Politicians

And anyone else who appears in front of the media.